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Are you having problems with your anger?

Are you getting in trouble at home or at school?

Are your friends and family concerned about you?


S. is for "stop", separate yourself from what you are angry about.

T. is for "think", why am I angry?  What am I angry about?  Is it really worth it?

O. is for "objectify", step outside of the situation.  Pretend like you are looking down from a helicopter and evaluate what is going on.

P. is for "plan", figure out a plan of action.  What do I need to do to feel better and to avoid getting into trouble?

Ten things you can do to COOL DOWN when you are angry.         

1.  Breathe:  Find a quiet place where you can relax, lay on your back, and breathe slowly and deeply so you can    see your abdomen (the area right below your belly button) rise up and down.

2.  Think nice thoughts:  remember a time where you were happy and relaxed. 

3.  Exercise:  blow off some steam!  Walk, run, ride a bike, play hard!

4.  Relax with music:  listen to soothing music, play an instrument, write a song.            

  Express yourself with art:  color, draw, paint, or........................          

6.  Laughter and humor:  Think about something funny, watch a funny movie. 

7.  Dance:  express your feelings with rhythmic movement.            

8.  Write a letter and tear it up:   Write a letter expressing why you are angry then tear it up!   

9.  Guided imagery:  Imagine how big the universe is,                         
and how small our planet is in comparison.
Then imagine where you are, the country, t
he city, the                                   
neighborhood, the room you are in.  Use this amazement
and awe to let go of your anger and realize       
how insignificant it is!

10.  Take responsibility for your feelings:  remember that you are the one who allows       
others to push your buttons.  Figure out where your "buttons" are and don't let others
push them!



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